Web Streaming

Media Services provide a full web streaming service for your events which can be easily broadcast or webcast over the internet.  Web Streaming will allow your company to extend the reach of your message nationally or globally and to increase participant engagement - all while reducing costs.

From employee town hall meetings to press events and earnings announcements, Media Services can organise the whole web streaming process for you based on your budget, infrastructure and timeline.

How it works

Media Services will provide as many camera feeds as you need and take any content such as Powerpoint and videos from presentation laptops in real time and stream both the Powerpoint and camera feed live in a dedicated i-player.

There is no need to pre-load the presentations before the event day, which means that your key presenters can turn up on the day, perhaps having made crutial changes to their presentations, and just plug and play!

The i-player can be inbeded into your website and can even be branded to represent your company.

Using "on demand" access you can watch the conference again at a later date.  This is useful for those who could not attend and also allow you to gather the information post event for review or training.

It doesn't get much easier than that!

If you need advice on or a quotation, please telephone or email us for advice and our team will be happy to help.