Projection Screen Rental

We have a wide range of projection screen rentals which are suitable for all kinds of events. Whether you are organising a small meeting, sales conference, awards ceremony or any other event, we have a projection screen to meet your needs.

How do I choose the right type of projection screen?

When renting a screen, the size of room and number of people in your audience will influence the screen size; however, the layout of the room, height of the ceiling, throw distance of your projector and how much control you have over the lighting in the room will also affect the final choice.

The type of presentation will also need to be considered. For example, most PowerPoint presentations have a squarer format with a ratio of 4:3. If you are showing films or sporting events such as the World Cup or Wimbledon, you will need a widescreen 16:9 ratio.

Your room layout may be suitable to allow for rear projection. This keeps the area in front of your screen clear and hides the projector’s beam, ideal if your audience is moving around in front of the screen. You will need to make sure there is enough area behind the screen for the projector’s throw.

Screens are available with a variety of mounting and support mechanisms. Some are permanently mounted; however, for rentals where portable projector screens are needed, the folding frame screen is the most suitable. Fastfold screens shown below provide a tensioned screen with a foldable aluminium frame and sturdy feet for stability. The screen is attached to the frame using press studs to give a flat surface without ripples or distortion.

Projection screen rental can be for one day or as long as you need, and we will deliver, set up and dismantle for you.

If you need a projector to go with your screen, visit our projector page which lists a range of projectors for hire.

6’x4’6” Front or Rear Projection
8’x6’ Front or Rear Projection
10’x7’6” Front or Rear Projection
12’x9’ Front or Rear Projection
14’x10’6” Front or Rear Projection


Da-Lite Fastfold Screens 16:9 Ratio

8’x4’6” Front or Rear Projection
10’x5’9” Front or Rear Projection
12’x6’11” Front or Rear Projection
14’x10’6” Front or Rear Projection

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