Event Management

Media Services will provide our clients with dedicated project management for those larger or delicate events.  Every detail of your event will be overseen to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  This extra level of care gives our clients the confidence to hand over the technical event planning to the Media Services Event Management team.

Our project managers have a minimum of 5 years technical knowledge and have experience of working within some of the larger organisations in the Country including Venues, Banks and the larger 5 star hotels.  With this experience our Event Management team can provide you with the creative flair you may require for your event as well as the most suitable technical production for your event. From concept to post event reviews they will work with you to plan your event down to the last detail.

Your dedicated project manager will be responsible for:
  •   Event concept, design & styling
  •   Venue Finding
  •   Site Visits
  •   Technical Specifications
  •   Client Liason
  •   Quotations
  •   Logistics of crew and technical set up.
  •   Health & Safety
  •   On-Site Event Managment
  •   Post Event Reviews
If you are planning an event that needs that extra support please Just follow the contact button at the top of this screen OR call us on 0208 692 6050.