As a Venue Manager or Event Organiser, you may have some questions about our service and company, so we have put together a FAQ sheet below for your information.  But if you notice a question not mentioned, please do let us know and we will endeavour to add it onto this web site. Many thanks.
  1. I don’t know the exact equipment I need for my event, can you advise me?
    Of course, Media Services pride ourselves on being a company that provides an excellent customer service.  We find that talking without technical jargon and in plain English is a great help.  Do not worry, just tell us what you would like to achieve for your event and we can advise you of the equipment you will need.  Our Project Managers will make it as simple as possible for you to get the event you want.
  2. Do you hire AV equipment?
    Yes we hire all types of AV equipment including projectors, laptops, lighting, sound systems, microphones and lecterns, staging, carpeting and plasma & TV screens.   The normal hire period is anything from half a day to a few weeks.  But please do call and we can discuss. 
  3. Do you sell AV equipment?
    Media Services can also buy equipment on behalf of a client.  Due to the wealth of experience of our Project Managers – some clients ask us to buy their AV equipment on their behalf to ensure they get the right equipment they need for their venue.
  4. If we choose the equipment we need, what happens next?
    The Media Services Project Manager will either email or post to you a quotation.  This is an easy to understand quote that details your event details as well as listing the equipment required and the costs.  The quote always includes all costs, so there are no hidden surprises. Once you have received the quotation, if you would like to proceed –just give us a call or email us with your Purchase Order number to book the job. 
  5. When will the AV equipment for an event be delivered?
    You can tell us when you would like your AV equipment to be delivered, early in the morning or the night before – it is your choice.
  6. Will you set the AV equipment up for me?
    We normally do set up equipment for you, and test it – to ensure all is working correctly and that your event will run smoothly.
  7. Do I have to deliver the equipment back to you?
    No, we will un-install and pick up the equipment from the venue at a time of your choosing.  This is to ensure that you can relax after the event has finished.
  8. What happens if the equipment is not working?
    We always test the equipment before an event and at the event site, so this minimises the risk.  However if your equipment stops working, we carry spare equipment on our vans OR we can return to our central London warehouse and get you a free replacement within a very quick timeframe.  Many AV competitors are located out of London, so please be aware that it is important to choose an AV supplier near the location of your venue to ensure you can get replacement equipment asap.  Media Services are based within 5 minutes of Central London.
  9. Will an Audio Visual technician be on site?
    This will totally depend on your requirements, if you are running a simple event, this is not normally needed as it will increase your costs.   However on larger or key events, an AV technician will be needed.  We can quote for this or discuss this with you.
  10. We have had bad experiences with AV crew at events – what are your staff like?
    Media Services promote ourselves on staff with a ‘can do’ attitude.  Our staff if on site will help you with anything to do with your event.  So if your personal laptop is not working and your presentation is just about to start, our crew will assist you in getting it to work or to finding you help in your hour of need.  Our business reputation is important to us, so our staff always wear our company uniforms (black logo sweatshirts and jackets with black trousers) OR if they are required to attend a smarter event, they will wear a suit and tie.  Our staff will remain dignified and polite at any event and ensure that your event runs smoothly.
  11. Our previous AV equipment supplier, provided very tatty equipment which was embarrassing, do you?
    Media Services purchase high quality AV equipment and regularly replace it.  Our equipment will arrive to you nicely packaged in smart black and chrome flightcases on wheels.  We will then set up high quality equipment to ensure that your event looks good and runs perfectly.  We find that the very cheap AV suppliers provide sub-standard equipment which may break, so we avoid this.  Particularly as we have such high profile clients such as BMW, British Museum, De Vere Venues, Thistle Hotels, National Geographic and others.
  12. I only need a lectern; can you supply me with a simple piece of kit?
    Of course we can, we supply clients all over London with simple pieces of kit, just call us on 0207 928 7355 and we will provide you with a fast quote.
  13. Are you expensive?
    No we are not, we provide very competitive prices.  We keep a regular eye on the market and ensure are prices remain competitive and reasonable for our clients.  We also want you to return to us as a client, so we always want to know what more we can do for you.
  14. Can you help me with Set design?
    Yes we can, just go to our Sets & Staging page under the AV Equipment Hire menu, and you can get further information.
  15. What is a Gobo / intelligent moving head?
    An Intelligent Moving head is a special light that can be programmed to move around a room. 
    You can choose from an inbuilt colour and pattern or you can add a GOBO.  A Gobo is either a piece of metal or glass that fits into the light housing and it can be either a picture, pattern or company logo.  Moving head lights work really well for Award Ceremonies or Gala events where you would need to create an exciting atmosphere.  Or they work very well at events where you would need your company branding to be projected onto walls or ceilings.
  16. Can you do weddings?
    Yes we can, we have supplied Audio Visual equipment to many weddings in London and the Home Counties.  Both internally and for Marquees.  We will provide the bride and groom with their own project manager to ensure that their event is a technical success.
  17. Do you charge VAT?
    Yes, we are VAT registered.
  18. Can you organise the whole event for me including Event furniture and outside projectors?  Of course, our team can advise you how to create a wonderful event using all types of equipment such as projectors outside your venue for projection mapping, lighting up an outside of a building to supplying dance floors and equipment for your band or even transforming a boring event space to a magic forest, with all types of glamorous lighting, event furniture and even a capet in your choen colours -  and just when you want to add some fun with funky furniture right to a disco ball - we have it all and can you give you some great ideas within your budget planning!