Case Studies...

De Vere – Backdrop and Wireless Up-lights for Drinks Reception

De Vere were holding a drinks reception for 300 guests at their flagship venue in London.  Their reception area with its ornate tiled pillars and beautiful vaulted ceilings was being used to hold the party.  The issue here was that during the day the area is used as a normal reception lobby and as such has an area for supplying coffee and next to it is an internet station with 4 PC’s.  Also the lighting in the lobby is not dimmable

Media Services were asked to assist with the aim of turning the reception area into a nice location for a party.  We had to hide the coffee area & internet station, light the room and provide sound for background music.  In order to hide the coffee area we built a 25’ wide by 10’ high black wall out of wooden panels covered in black material.  We then used some simple up-lights to give the wall some texture.  A bar and other serving tables were then placed in front of it.  The next challenge was to up-light the pillars.  Most of the pillars in the room are in the middle.  The main concern of course was cabling across floors and the trip hazard that might cause.  We had the perfect solution – Wireless Up-lights!  Media Services are one of the very few companies in London who own this remarkable wireless technology.  They were the perfect fit and De Veres were extremely pleased with their look and performance.

Thistle Hotels – Stage for wedding

This was a relatively small wedding breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant.  The issue here was that the restaurant was on two levels and the upper level had a frosted glass partition separating them.  This meant that anyone sitting up on that level would not be able to see the wedding party.

Media Services were asked to raise the floor of the upper level so that the guests could see over the partition when seated.  This was accomplished by building a 7” high platform using Steeldeck and then covering it with carpet that matched the restaurants colour scheme.  Easy!

The Hempel – Garden Party for Piaget

Piaget is one of the finest jewellery designers in the world and were holding a garden party at The Hempel.  Media Services were asked to work alongside Galuchat, a French high end event production company, to provide lighting and sound around the garden and marquee which was to hold over 300 guests.  The issue here was that as the garden is in a residential area the audio had to be kept under certain decibels and the lighting had to be done is such a way as not to be a nuisance to locals.  
Media Services provided sound around the perimeter of the garden hiding the speakers behind the hedges to keep them from sight and to reduce audio exposure.  We up-lit a back wall and 8 tall trees and provided lighting around the garden highlighting other plants and trees.  Using our Wireless Up-lights we up-lit various points within the grand marquee.  2x 60” Plasma Screens on smart stands were also provided playing a looping promotional DVD and we projected their logo onto the front of the marquee.  

The British Museum – Medieval Late event

The British Museum are known for their events and many thousands of people come to them each year.  This particular event was a celebration of medieval times and was open to the public.  There were 9 areas being used within this vast museum and also outside the front of this majestic building.  Each area of the museum had a special act performance - Pilgrimage through contemporary dance, Medieval singing, The Canterbury Tales, History brought to life, The cult of the virgin martyr saints in the medieval period, A rough guide to pilgrimage, Make your own pop-up reliquary and relics and pilgrimage:  the universal lure of sacred space & Medieval hairstyle demonstration.

Media Services provided audio visual equipment for each of these areas and project managed the installation of this event.  The main issue here is that we had to set up audio and lighting during the day prior to the event whilst the museum is open and there are many thousands of people walking around.  There are also many artefacts and ancient sculptures that need to be considered when working in this environment and health and safety is a top priority.  We were allotted only 3 hours to install everything and the museum is a very large venue indeed.  This event was all about team work and communication.  We allotted a team in each area and each team had a pre-rig brief so they knew exactly what to do and when.  As a result the event was a success.